Additional Services

Beyond Nonprofit and Professional Resources, Wisconsin provides various services for individuals with disabilities. Our objective is to streamline access to these additional resources for families by consolidating them in one place. If you are aware of other service opportunities, please inform us, and if we deem them beneficial, we will gladly include them on our website.

Christine Savides

Christine Savides (Advocate & Respite Care)

Since the early 1980s, Christine Savides has dedicated her career to supporting individuals with diverse abilities. Transitioning to the public-school system in 2006, she served as a Special Education Teacher in elementary settings, spanning grades K4 through 5. For the past eight years, Christine has excelled as a Transition Coordinator, focusing on students aged 18 to 21. In 2023, feeling the call to further her impact, Christine embarked on a new journey by establishing her own business, Beautiful Life. This venture offers comprehensive consultation and therapeutic services to clients, their families and support staff, encompassing observation, assessment, planning, training, documentation, and reviews of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs).

Christina Nahale

Moving Forward (Movers & Organizers)

Moving Forward helps families plan, coordinate and organize every detail of their move for a smooth and easy transition to their new home. With families geographically dispersed and not always able to assist with downsizing or moving, Moving Forward offers services to assist families who need assistance to declutter and/or move. Our services are ala carte. We are insured. Moving Forward will assist the client to organize, sort, pack, downsize, move, take items to donation centers or to family members, remove trash, arrange for profitable disposal of unwanted items through auction, buy-out, consignment or a combination. The love and support within the team and with the people who ask the Moving Forward team to participate in their journey is overwhelming. It is the caring, trust, and support that makes this company one of the best.

Able Trek Tours

Our mission is to provide opportunities for individuals with mobility challenges  (whether acquired at birth or later in life) to access nature and outdoor recreational experiences with minimal environmental impact while promoting access, inclusion, equity, and healthy living.

* Our clients report significant increases in independence, dignity, and freedom along with the ability to experience the great outdoors with family and friends or on their own.


* AAW outdoor wheelchairs and trailers are provided at no cost* to help individuals explore nature and create their own outdoor adventures.

* We strive to increase public access to nature and recreational opportunities while promoting environmental stewardship from education to leadership.

* We collaborate on community-driven programs and services that empower individuals of diverse backgrounds and all ages.

* We encourage organizations and individuals to reach out to learn more about AAW’s expertise and resources.


Access Ability Wisconsin

We provide charter motorcoach services and vacations for both special needs and general public clients. Within their site, you will find a variety of information about the services they offer.

Every vacation is supervised by their owner, Kim Doll. Their tours are attended by Kim and/or their Special Needs Tour Lead Karen. The owner Kim is a registered nurse, specializing in Critical Care. All other staff members/chaperones are carefully screened and selected volunteers. Many of their staff are social workers, teachers, group home staffers, medical professionals, and other qualified and experienced people. Visit us at


Mission Respite

The heart behind Mission Respite is our passionate founder, Heather Tyler. Heather’s personal journey, growing up with a sister born with spina bifida, instilled in her a profound understanding of the selfless care primary caregivers provide to their children with disabilities. Through her experience she saw first hand how important respite is for parents and caregivers. She has made it her Mission to start a respite care business that improves on many aspects of the process and brings in more community members to provide respite for our families.

Mission Respite was born from a genuine understanding and a recognition of the impactful difference one person can make in the lives of a family, and what drives our mission of connecting hearts and creating smiles.


Options for Independent Living

Options for Independent Living is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization committed to empowering people with disabilities to lead independent and productive lives in their community through advocacy, the provision of information, education, technology and related services.

As part of the independent living philosophy of consumer-directed services, Options staff will provide information so individuals with disabilities, family and friends can make informed choices and achieve their goals.

A Board of Directors, comprised primarily of individuals with disabilities, determines the direction of OptionsOptions is committed to hiring staff with disabilities.


Paul’s Party

Paul’s Party started as a kindness campaign to celebrate Paul’s birthday the year that he passed away at age 15.  On the anniversary of his death, we had what was initially planned to be a small party and ended up raising over $15,000 to support a few charities that were important to Paul.  After that smashing success, we decided to set up a 501c3 non-profit to spend those funds properly and Paul’s Party was born.

The mission of Paul’s Party is to fund FUN for kids with physical disabilities.  Paul was a fun-seeker and we know how difficult it can be to provide recreational opportunities for kids who use wheelchairs or even just can’t participate in the same way as their peers.  So we fund sled hockey equipment, track racing chairs and equipment, hand bikes, summer camp scholarships…pretty much anything recreational and fun (and likely expensive).

As we’ve grown, we have also connected people and created a supportive community!  We have provided these kids and their parents with a network of people who can truly understand what they are going through, which is absolutely priceless.


SuperHero Martial Arts

Our Mission

Superhero Martial Arts promotes Self-Empowerment & Life Skills for individuals with special needs through an adaptive martial arts program.

Who Are Our Students?

‌Our students range in age from 4 to adults. We enjoy working with various ability levels. Many of our students benefit from training in an adaptive marital arts program. Instructors build and modify each student’s curriculum to accommodate student and parent goals. We can accommodate the special needs of any student.


Badger Prairie Needs Network

Badger Prairie Needs Network is a 100% volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting poverty and ending hunger. BPNN operates a grocery-style food pantry that serves food-insecure households throughout Dane County. Additional services include free Community Meal, career development opportunities, nutrition education, onsite access to Joining Forces for Families social workers and free legal advocacy focused on ending homelessness and leveling the playing field for people with limited financial means.  


Fishing Has No Boundaries

Fishing Has No Boundaries®, Inc. (FHNB) is a non-profit 501-C3 organization whose goal is to open up the great outdoors for people with disabilities through the world of fishing. FHNB has grown into a National Organization with 27 chapters in 13 states, enabling thousands of individuals with disabilities to participate fully in this spirit lifting, morale booster, trouble free recreational activity. Continue to look for additional announcements for new chapters in new states, opening up new dreams for persons with disabilities that might not otherwise experience what you or I might just take for granted.


Modern Electric

Nate started Modern Electric in 2021 after working in both the remodel and electrical field for a combined 8 years.  As a licensed master electrician with the State of Wisconsin Modern Electric can assist you with any electrical need.  Residential electrical is their expertise however, so if you have any electrical issues that need attending to, or want to update your space with new electrical fixtures give Modern Electric a call!


Simple Solutions Daily Money Management

Erin Johansen is founder and owner of Simple Solutions Daily Money Management, LLC. As a Daily Money Manager, she assists clients with their daily financial tasks and responsibilities such bill paying, gathering tax documents, budgeting, organization and more. She often works with seniors, but clients can also include people with disabilities, busy professionals and high net-worth individuals – essentially, anyone who no longer wants to handle their day-to-day household financial tasks alone. Erin is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers.

Erin has decades of business experience, including in the insurance and real estate industries as well as expertise in communications, public relations and journalism. She’s determined, curious, and a strong communicator, all qualities that serve her clients. In her role as a Daily Money Manager, she often works as part of a client’s professional care team and with family members. While paying bills and helping with daily finances, Erin watches for and can investigate charges that appear fraudulent or inaccurate. She’s patient and empathetic and brings a warm sense of humor to her work. Daily financial tasks can quickly become overwhelming, and she wants to help ease that stress for her clients.

In her free time, Erin likes to read, travel, see live music and is part of the volunteer team that puts on the annual Sugar Maple Music Festival in Madison.