Provide Education Through Seminars For Families To Proactively Plan For The Future.

One of our primary missions is to assist families in proactively preparing for the future. Achieving this goal requires educating families and engaging in sometimes difficult conversations. Although discussing topics like death and planning for it may be uncomfortable, it’s essential to safeguard our loved ones. Our aim is to offer both virtual and in-person seminars where families can exchange experiences and professionals can provide guidance on various topics such as guardianship, special needs trusts, individual and joint trusts, SSI/SSDI, insurance coverage for medical equipment, life insurance, Able accounts, financial planning, housing, and remodeling construction. We understand that navigating these matters can feel overwhelming, and many individuals may not have the capacity to contemplate planning. However, with the assistance of MCC, our volunteers, nonprofit organizations, and professional resources, we hope to make progress over time.

If you represent a nonprofit organization whose families could benefit from our seminars, please contact us. Help us assist you by sharing your concerns, areas where you need more information to gain a better understanding, or simply expressing a desire to connect with others who share similar experiences.

Estate & Financial Planning Seminars

Special Needs Planning Essentials

Special Needs Planning Deep Dive

529ABLE- A Less Expensive Special Needs Trust Alternative

Lifetime Income for Mom, Dad and Kids

Growing Assets on Top of market Growth to Provide for a Special Needs Heir

Estate Planning Documents

Estate Planning Documents
Estate Planning for People with Special Needs
Estate Planning Questionnaire

Supported Decision Making & Guardianship

Supported Decision Making Resources_WI BPDD

Financial Planning Documents

special needs trust-1
Financial Planning – Savings
Modern Woodmen – Scholarships
Financial Planning – Special Needs Trusts
Financial Planning – Savings Worksheet