MCC Grants

Through Donations We Assist Families With
The Financial Aspect Of Future Planning.

MCC offers families resources and educational support for future planning, recognizing that not everyone can cover the costs associated with legal or financial planning. As part of our commitment to the success of our nonprofit, we strive to support families who require services but lack the financial means to afford them. Through donations, we aim to establish a fund that will provide grants to families with disabilities. We plan to initiate the grant application process once we have raised sufficient funds to make awards. As our funding pool grows, our objective is to distribute at least one of each type of grant per quarter. If you are in need of financial assistance, please complete the application form provided. All pertinent details regarding the grants can be found within the form.

Examples of Grants We Are Considering Currently:

Guardianship Grant


Special Needs Trust Grant


Financial Planning Grant

Financial Support Application

Application Process: Submit application 45 days prior to grant review on December 1, 2024. Grant Committee will review all applications. Amount of grant will be paid directly to the provider of services, not to the applicant. This will ensure Morgan’s Caring Connection, Inc. (MCC) that the money allocated is used strictly for the services agreed upon. Recipient(s) will need to meet with MCC in person with the provider to be awarded their grant.

Application Submission Deadline: October 15, 2024

Eligibility: Family must reside in Wisconsin and must remain in Wisconsin during the funding process and until services provided have been completed. Dependent must be between the ages of birth to 35. Your dependent must meet at least one qualification listed below.

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Please share with us the details surrounding your request. Be as specific as possible as to your individual circumstances. Please provide your financial situation and how it may or may not relate to your request (we don’t turn away people who are financially independent, but we do prioritize support to those who may not be).
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