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Our mission is to provide opportunities for individuals with mobility challenges (whether acquired at birth or later in life) to access nature and outdoor recreational experiences with minimal environmental impact while promoting access, inclusion, equity, and healthy living.
* Our clients report significant increases in independence, dignity, and freedom along with the ability to experience the great outdoors with family and friends or on their own.


* AAW outdoor wheelchairs and trailers are provided at no cost* to help individuals explore nature and create their own outdoor adventures.

* We strive to increase public access to nature and recreational opportunities while promoting environmental stewardship from education to leadership.

* We collaborate on community-driven programs and services that empower individuals of diverse backgrounds and all ages.

* We encourage organizations and individuals to reach out to learn more about AAW’s expertise and resources.

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We provide charter motorcoach services and vacations for both special needs and general public clients. Within their site, you will find a variety of information about the services they offer.

Every vacation is supervised by their owner, Kim Doll. Their tours are attended by Kim and/or their Special Needs Tour Lead Karen. The owner Kim is a registered nurse, specializing in Critical Care. All other staff members/chaperones are carefully screened and selected volunteers. Many of their staff are social workers, teachers, group home staffers, medical professionals, and other qualified and experienced people. Visit us at

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Occupational, physical, and speech and language therapies
Parental education
Service coordination
Vision and nutrition specialists

They are committed to serving children under the age of 3 with developmental delays and disabilities and their families. A primary value is the family’s primary relationship with their child and they work in partnership with the family. They work to enhance the child’s development and support the family’s knowledge, skills and abilities as they interact with and raise their child.

(608) 898-4400
200 W. Milwaukee Street Janesville, WI
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Birth - 2 years old
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The heart behind Mission Respite is our passionate founder, Heather Tyler. Heather’s personal journey, growing up with a sister born with spina bifida, instilled in her a profound understanding of the selfless care primary caregivers provide to their children with disabilities. Through her experience she saw first hand how important respite is for parents and caregivers. She has made it her Mission to start a respite care business that improves on many aspects of the process and brings in more community members to provide respite for our families.

Mission Respite was born from a genuine understanding and a recognition of the impactful difference one person can make in the lives of a family, and what drives our mission of connecting hearts and creating smiles.

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SPACE Autastic, Inc, is an indoor play space, with specifically designed and selected equipment for all Autistic and other special needs individuals to enjoy with their families and caregivers. We offer a welcoming and inclusive space for intellectually disabled people of all ages to explore and play in a judgement-free environment. Our broad selection of sensory and therapeutic equipment allows for both small and large motor input needs. We have smaller dedicated calming rooms for a more personal sensory experience. Our space can be rented for a private, one-of-a-kind birthday party experience, or for local school special education classes and community groups.